6 Reasons You Should Watch Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’

In this article, we will be analyzing the reasons you should watch Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike.’  Aditya Dhar’s directed movie ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ hit the theatres on the 11th of January 2019. With this, Aditya made his debut as a director and a writer in the Bollywood industry. Produced by Ronnie Screwala under the banners of RSVP Productions, the movie features actors like Vicky Kaushal, Mohit Raina, Paresh Rawal, Yami Gautam, Kirti Kulhari, and many other notable artists.

The teaser of this movie was released one day before the second anniversary of the surgical strike on 27th September 2018. The official trailer featuring the song Challa in the backdrop of incessant gun attacks gave goosebumps to its audience. People eagerly waited for the movie since then. From the day of its release, people have been talking about the feeling this movie gave them. We have analyzed a few reasons why this movie plays a significant role in today’s India.

Before going to that section let us briefly tell you about the real incident which took place in Uri town of Jammu & Kashmir. On 18th September 2016, four heavily armed militants attacked an Indian Army Brigade headquarters in Uri. This attack has been condemned and declared as the ‘deadliest in the two-decade history of Jammu & Kashmir.’ It killed 19 army personnel and injured 80-100 of them.

The aftermath of this attack was retaliation in the form of a Surgical Strike from India on 29th September 2016. It is said that Indian commandos crossed the Line of Control and killed dozens of militants inside their houses. This movie has done its best to justify the events which happened during the process.

Here are the reasons you should watch Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’:

The Competitor

vicky kaushal uri

If you push your memory then, the movie ‘Uri’ did not make alone release on the 11th of January. Another movie ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ released on the same day. It is one of the primary reasons you should watch Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike.’ Both the movies talk about two opposing parties existing in India along with the two Prime Ministers and their decisive policies. They have tried to bring out the better picture of the then prevailing situations. These movies should not leave you wondering the reasons for releasing them right in the year of General Elections year in India. The chunk of the Indian population which critically analyzes movies and its real motive will tell how each of the two films has made efforts to persuade the Indian audience to one set of ideologies and obviously their vote banks too.

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It is the closest you can find yourself to the Indian Army and political events in action

vicky kaushal in uri

Undoubtedly there have been several movies in the past which are based on war themes, but ‘Uri’ will give you a different experience. Why? It is because the movie makers have put in much effort to plot it. So much that it does not have a piece of emotional baggage or a love plot. There is only one emotional scene which will get your tissues out. But the rest of the movie closely depicts the scenes inside a war room, very open political discussions in the meeting rooms, infantry section leading tactics which are seen changing with terrain and situations. Such scenes are usually not shown on screen. Bollywood filmmakers have previously served the audience an emotional narrative through the war based movies. But ‘Uri’ is nowhere close to that plot. It shows what it speaks.

The different Vicky Kaushal

vicky kaushal look in uri

Surely this man has received good applause after this movie. Vicky Kaushal did start his career on a low note but soon reached the destined zenith. He has been seen in various shades in his films, but you will see him in an entirely different form in this movie. Vicky is aggressive, sympathetic, intense, and everything one dreams in military personnel. Not to forget, you might fall in love with his action scenes. His daring action sequences ought to give you goosebumps. The fierceness in his eyes and self-confidence dripped in vengeance reminds the true spirit and potential of the Indian Army. Certainly, Twitter and other social media sites are flooded with his appreciation posts. Isn’t it one of the strong reasons you should watch Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike?’

Someone made a debut

mohit raina in uri

Yes, you guessed it right! The Mahadeva of India, Mohit Raina is finally on the big screen. Interestingly, he hails from the state of Jammu & Kashmir and strongly feels for the Indian Army. The Indian audience loved him as their Mahadeva but who knew he could make us cry on the big screen too? He was moved by the script of this movie and indeed, no one could carry the role of Major Karan Kashyap better than him. His impactful supporting character has been critically acclaimed especially as a debut actor. After all, he could not have missed the opportunity for a better break in the Bollywood industry.

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Not a one hero movie

vicky kaushal uri movie

It is pretty atypical to find a Bollywood film where the plot does not revolve around only one actor/actress. Vicky Kaushal is surely seen taking revenge for his brother-in-law ’s, but that is not all. Amongst all the chaos, you will find Paresh Rawal, based on the character of Ajit Doval, emerging as a significant hero of all the events. His emphasis on the dialogue Yeh Naya Hindustan Hai instills a different mindset in the Indian population. Or maybe sending a message to other countries? It clearly depicts the new Indian ideology which has been misunderstood in the past. But it also speaks of India as a peace-loving nation when they decide not to harm the general public of Pakistan and execute the Surgical Strike.

Well-knit storyline

The storyline is one of the reasons you should watch Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike. This movie has done justice to the incidents which happened in and around the time of Uri attack. Filmmakers divided the film into four segments where each chapter clearly seemed to build an analogy to the other. You will not be lost if you have not been following the news at the time of tension-building scenario. This is the first movie of the year based on real incidents. The new trend of content-driven films has attracted the club of movie makers, and it continues to do so. With ‘Uri,’ producers and directors have rebuilt the national spirit and faith in the Indian Army. We might keep comparing it with the 1990s movies like Border and LOC but as said in the film, Yeh Naya Hindustan Hai.

Thus, with our reasons you should watch Vicky Kaushal’s ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike,’ you will not feel it a waste of your money. It might be a one-time watch movie but it ‘is’ a must-watch. Not just to educate yourself about the incidents going into the country with its neighbors. But also to embrace the spirit of the Indian Army. It is based on the exact plot. And the amazingly talented stars have pulled off this movie beyond a doubt.