15 Pictures Which Shows #10YearChallenge On How Things Have Changed With Nature

Have you posted your picture as part of the #10YearChallenge? Well, this is the last year before the world enters the 20s. So bidding adieu to the teenager, the #10YearChallenge is kicking the social media with full zest. People from across the globe are posting pictures of transformation from the past ten years. You will be shocked to see how things have changed with nature.

Environmentalists, NGOs, and activists are posting pictures from nature and captioning them as “This is the change we all should be worried about.” Well, it is true that not all transformations are good. And the transformations with nature is something everyone needs to worry about. The pictures show how things have changed with nature and are helping to raise awareness about the same. The damage human has inflicted on nature has been tremendous, and many predict that we have caused irreversible damage to the environment. Glaciers are melting at a rapid speed, freshwater is vanishing, coral reefs are dying, and habitats have destroyed.

Here are the images which clearly show how things have changed with nature:

The tragedy of the Arctic is here.

10yearchallenge polar bear

Can you imagine the cute polar bears turning into malnourished ones?

Trift Glacier of Switzerland- 2006 and 2017

Trift Glacier Switzerland in 2006 and in 2017

Glaciers have been melting at a rapid speed because of increased temperature of the Earth

Did this hit you?

10YearChallenge Sea life

The beautiful coral reefs are dying every day. Eventually, our future generation might not know what coral reefs are.

The changing pictures say a lot about the massive and negative transformation taking place in all parts of the globe.

10YearChallenge Climate change in arctic

This is the Arctic region 100 years ago and now. About time we should take significant steps to save nature.

This is how things have changed with nature.

10yearchallenge Nature

Climate change has shown its effects all around the globe. We couldn’t bring out a better example than this.

Are you still someone who prefers plastic over anything else?

10yearchallenge Enviornment

Well, plastic was invented for a useful purpose, but like every invention, man misused it to the extent that now it has become an environmental hazard for everyone.

The world temperature has risen by 2 degrees. Does it ring an alarm?

10-year challenge Global warming

Take some time to recall what our real challenge is.

Devastation at whose cost?

10yearchallenge Wild Life

Human waste is so much that now it does not find a place to be dumped. Consequently, the debris is thrown in the habitat of other creatures and they end up eating it. There have been several such cases where whales, walruses, and other sea creatures are found dead with tons of plastic and other garbage in their stomach.

This is Solheim Glacier in Iceland in 2007 and 2017.

Solheim Glacier Iceland in 2007 and in 2017

Shouldn’t this be taken more seriously as a ten-year challenge than uploading our transformation pictures?

A significant portion of this glacier has vanished.

Mendenhall glacier 10 year challenge

Alaska is known to be a pretty cold region, and when glaciers of this region are melting, you can reckon what can be severe future consequences of the same.


Bridge Glacier British Columbia in 2009 and in 2017

Well, this is how things have changed with nature. This is Bridge Glacier of British Columbia in 2009 and 2017

Another glacier of British Columbia named the Tahumming Glacier is meeting the same fate as other glaciers.

Tahumming Glacier British Columbia in 2008

If you are wondering how the future beaches will be like, then this is it.

10year challenge sea beach

This is the Caribbean Sea presently. So plan for the next beach visit carefully.

This species is known to be the last of its family tree.

10YearChallenge snails

The day is not far when the future generation will not know the names of many insects, animals, and birds. Are you prepared for such a future?


15 Pictures Which Shows #10YearChallenge On How Things Have Changed With Nature

It is the most common cause of global warming, destruction of habitats, and a threat to the existence to humankind. We have been reading about deforestation in textbooks but how much do we take it seriously? Is it too late to act? Or is there still some hope?
Thus, this is how things have changed with nature, and it is something we have created for ourselves. There was a time when we had an opportunity to make things right, but environmentalists are of the opinion that things have gone out of our hands. The only option left is to wait for the destruction to happen in the near future.