14 Bollywood Stars And Their Strange Habits #6 Is Shocking

If you are someone who follows Bollywood on a regular basis, then it’s time to update your knowledge about some of your favorite actors and actresses. In this article, we will tell you about Bollywood stars and their strange habits. Well, we all of have certain habits which our close people know. But did you know that the Bollywood stars and their strange habits are weird enough to get a good laugh?

Habits are a part of human nature. Some may be bad and some good, healthy habits. People are usually known because of certain practices. Or you can also say that those habits make up a person’s disposition. Same goes with the Bollywood stars and their strange habits. You will be shocked to know some of these habits and will also find some to be weird, but that is what makes these Bollywood stars famous.

Read about these Bollywood stars and their strange habits:

Shahrukh Khan

shah rukh khan and his strange habit

Let us start with the King of Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan is known to have a great fan base across the globe. So are you going to guess what might be his weird habit? He is extremely obsessed with footwear. So much that he takes off his footwear only once a day and sometimes even sleeps with them. Isn’t it cute and weird at the same time? Who would have imagined King Khan with this bizarre habit?

Salman Khan

salman khan and his strange habit

The other Khan of Bollywood is known for his funny and charming wit. Though his career started on a low note, he made it to the top in no time. But how many of knew that Salman Khan is a freak about collecting soaps? Yes. Sallu Bhai has a unique collection of soaps from around the world. From handmade, designer to herbal ones, Salman has all of them. His personal favorites are soaps made of natural fruit and vegetable extracts. Not just this, his presence is felt through his fragrance. Undoubtedly, he is the best smelling man in Bollywood.

Aamir Khan

aamir khan and his strange habit

The last Khan of the Khan trio in Bollywood does not like to take a shower. Isn’t that funny? You will find the mention of this habit in many of his interviews. Though he denies this because of embarrassment, the entire Bollywood knows about this habit. Besides this, he is also known to be one of the biggest pranksters. He has spat on the palm of an actress on the pretext of reading her palm. Isn’t the disgusting? Well, the victim was Madhuri Dixit, and this incident happened at the sets of ‘Dil.’ Madhuri got so mad at him that she chased him with a hockey stick.

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Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan and his strange habit

We all adore Big B for his perfect dressing sense. He is an epitome of a gentleman in Bollywood. But some of the Bollywood stars and their strange habits make us wonder about many things. Big B is ambidextrous. If you did not know this then, let us tell you that after his life-threatening accident during the shoot of Coolie, his right hand was handicapped for a long time. And this made Big B learn writing with left hand. Isn’t that a sign of genius? Not only this, but Amitabh Bachchan is also known for keeping two wrist watches. Why? It is to keep track of the time when Abhishek and Aishwarya are on vacation in a different time zone. Besides, he also keeps multiples phones to avoid network issues. Don’t these define his level of perfection?


rekha and her weird habit

Next up is the evergreen, Rekha. This eternal beauty is known for her huge collection of Kanjivaram sarees. And to add to that look, she is usually seen wearing a crimson or chocolate colored lipstick. Be it any grand party or a wedding or a reception ceremony, Rekha is always found flaunting her Kanjivaram sarees with heavy jewelry and makeup too. But did you know that she loves adding more and more sarees in her collection?

Sushmita Sen

sushmita sen and her strange habit

Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen has a very weird liking. She is fond of snakes. Yes, you read it right. She is so fond of snakes that she has a python as a pet in her home. Celebs make sure you stay careful when you visit her place the next time. Besides this, she also loves taking a bath on her open terrace where she has placed her bathtub. Bollywood stars and their strange habits are sometimes dangerous too.

Shahid Kapoor

shahid kapoor and his weird habit

Coffee lovers give heed to this! Shahid Kapoor loves his cup of brew. He is very addicted to coffee. So much that he often does not have a count of the number of cups he has had since morning. He can also have around 10 cups of coffee in a day. How many of knew about this habit of Shahid? Well, caffeine is good, but too much of anything can be harmful. Fans get Shahid to know this.

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Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta and her odd habit

This dimple-girl is obsessed with the cleanliness of bathrooms. She makes sure that she checks the bathroom before booking a hotel. She loves it when bathrooms are completely clean, and there is no trace of dirt. Also, she ensures that she leaves the bathroom clean after using it. Cleanliness is good but only with bathrooms? Well, we guess Preity is just too sterile to use a dirty bathroom.

Sunny Leone

sunny leone and her strange habit

Here comes another cleanliness freak! But preferably with a weird habit. Sunny Leone shocked everyone at the shoot of Jism 2. She has an odd addiction to washing her feet every fifteen minutes. She kept cleaning them at regular intervals even if it would delay the shoot. No wonder, Sunny Leone’s personal hygiene is not just strange but can also annoy other people. Beware, directors!

Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra and her strange habit

How can we forget the newlywed Priyanka Chopra? She is known to be one of the most orderly and organized Bollywood star. But did you know she has a fetish for shoes? She has a good collection of around 80 pairs of designer shoes ranging from all colors to brands. Her personal favorite brand is Louboutins and pointed toe pumps. She also has a good collection of studded pumps, booties, and slingbacks. This international star loves adding to her collection of shoes. Well, her fame is worth a good collection.

Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann Khurrana and his weird habit

Dentists always advise brushing your teeth twice a day. But the heartthrob Ayushmann took this advice too seriously. Do not be surprised if Ayushmann signs up for any toothbrush or toothpaste advertisement. Why? Because he loves to brush his teeth very often. His dental kit is his unavoidable companion. You can always find it with him. Maybe he wants to be smelling fresh all day. What do you think?


Jeetendra and his strange habit

Did you think of finding Jeetendra in this list of Bollywood stars and their strange habits? Well, when we tell you about his strange obsession, then you might be disgusted. Jeetendra cannot defecate unless he has his bowl of papaya. This is an age-old remedy to constipation, but Jeetendra loves following it in the average days as well. Was that too much of information?

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Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan and his strange habit

He is genuinely the Nawaab of Bollywood. Who can have a library and a telephone extension in his bathroom? It’s Saif Ali Khan. He loves reading when in the bathroom and also does not want to miss any calls in a day. His luxurious life is proof that why is he called the Nawaab of Bollywood.

Vidya Balan

vidya balan and her strange habit

Our Dirty Picture girl even dreams herself in a saree. This vintage lady is so obsessed with sarees that she has around eight hundred sarees in her closet. Not only this, she doe not like keeping her cell phone around her. She does not check her phones for days and also ends up missing events for this reason. Should people consider writing letters to her?

Thus, these were the Bollywood stars and their strange habits. You must have been astounded by some of the weird habits and also found some of them funny. Do share it with your friends and find out if any of them have such strange habits.